Ipaf Training Course: Harness Training

Ipaf Training Course: Harness Training

IPAF Training

The IPAF Harness Training course has changed and is now delivered in a new format.
What used to be a half day course has been split into three parts:

Harness Awareness (HA)
All candidates will start on the Harness Awareness course which is delivered via E-learning. This course gives the candidate a background understanding of the selection and safe use of harnesses.

Harness User (HU)
After completing the Harness Awareness course, candidates can continue their training and add on the Harness User course where they will be assessed in fitting and using a harness. This will take place at one of our training depots and last approx 15-20 minutes.

Harness Inspector (HI)
If candidates are required to carry out a six-monthly inspection of a harness, they can take the Harness Inspector course. This will also take place at one of our training depots and will last around three hours.

Book your IPAF Harness Training course on 0330 165 4770 and we'll advise which is the best course for you.


Book your IPAF training

Call 0330 165 4770 to book your IPAF Harness Training course.

Booked onto an IPAF training course? Don't forget to bring:


  • Photographic ID (passport, driving licence)
  • Full body harness
  • Safety boots/glasses
  • Hard hat
  • Hi-vis jacket
  • Waterproof clothing (if rain is likely)
  • Your lunch


IPAF Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive their 3a IPAF qualification via ePAL, IPAF’s free mobile phone app.

PAL cards are valid for 5 years after which a refresher course will be needed to renew the licence.


Summit Platforms Training Centres

IPAF training can be booked at all our depot locations:

The IPAF courses can take place at our training centres, the job site itself or at your location, depending on the available space and if the facility meets the required criteria.

Book your IPAF training course on 0330 165 4770

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