Training - OLD

Training - OLD

At Summit Platforms we put safety at the centre of everything we do and we understand that our customers share the same priority. Because of this we specialise in training courses relating to powered access.
Our training courses are fully accredited and recognised by all of the major UK associations. These courses can be held at our depot locations, the job site itself, or at your location, depending on the available space and if the facility meets specific criteria.

Please contact Summit Platforms and let our highly experienced staff advise you further on your training requirements.


Harness and Lanyard

It is strongly recommended that a full body harness with an adjustable lanyard is used to provide work restraint and is adjusted to be as short as possible when working from boom type Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP). Summit Platforms provide full body harnesses and lanyards for sale. The harness kit comes in a lightweight shoulder bag and is manufactured to EN358 & EN361 standards.

Please ask a member of our hire desk team for more information.




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