Safety & Attachments

Safety & Attachments

Access Control

Our GPS Tracking Keypad is a simple and effective system for the management of machine usage, preventing unauthorised use and increasing productivity and safety.

• Allows you to manage who has authorisation to use a machine
• Permission to operate a machine can be added or removed remotely
• Includes an IPAF PAL Card swipe recognition system
• Access to web portal for hirer to securely login and manage machine utilisation and operating history, as well as a range of other management & reporting tools.
• Designed to improve productivity and safety
• System is available on all machines provided by Summit Platforms

Secondary Guarding

Secondary Guarding Device

Summit Platforms offers an electronic secondary guarding device on all boom type MEWPs. Our devices are approved by the equipment manufacturers. They consist of a sensitive edge situated in front of the controls. When an entrapment situation is detected the sensitive edge acts as an emergency stop, preventing further entrapment from occurring. It also has an alarm and flashing beacon to attract the attention of colleagues on the ground who can enact the emergency lowering procedure.


Secondary Guarding Scissors

Summit Platforms can provide a secondary guarding and lift enable function for scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts. The system consists of a robust control box shroud providing additional guarding of controls, reducing the risk of unintended actuation and a secondary anti-tamper enable button located on the side of the control box. A two handed operation is required to lift, maintaining the operator’s body in an upright position and away from the handrails, mitigating the risk of entrapment. Both joystick and secondary enable bottom must be activated to allow the platform to lift; release of either will stop the function immediately.

Material Handling Attachment

Material Handling On Large Deck Diesel Scissors

Multipurpose material handling attachment for large deck diesel scissors lifts – designed to safely and securely carry materials such as cladding panels and large pipes to height, removing the risks of material falls from height and allowing improved productivity and safety.

Safe working loads up to 390kg

Download Specification


Material Handling On Compact Diesel Scissors

Multipurpose material handling attachments for medium and compact diesel scissor lifts – ideal for heating, ventilation, sprinkler and air conditioning material installation at height. Complete with an electricians spool holder for carrying cable spools 350mm diameter by 150mm wide for easy cable dispensing.

Safe working loads up to 390kg

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Material Handling On Electric Scissors

Multipurpose material handling attachments for small, medium and large electric scissors lifts – designed to safely and securely carry material to height on a full range of electric scissors lift.The rack is situated to one side of the platform to allow for maximum working area.

Safe working Loads up to 272kg

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Material Handling On Boom Lifts

Multipurpose material handling attachment for boom type MEWP’s - designed to safely and securely carry materials such as pipes and conduit to height without sacrificing platform work space. The rack is mounted at the front of the basket allowing for convenient loading and avoiding obstruction of the machine controls.

Safe working loads up to 80kg

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On Board Generator

All diesel booms and all diesel scissors over 40ft are available with power to platform via an on-board generator. These powerful generators removes the need to hire a separate generator and have cables trailing from the work area to the ground.


Tyre Covers

If you are working on finished floors, indoors or outdoors, wheel covers are ideal for protecting the surface from black marks caused by the tyres of a machine. Tyre covers can be purchased and supplied with your hire machine and are very useful when non-marking tyres are not an option. Our wheel covers are simple to fit and reusable


Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel particulate filters can be fitted to the majority of diesel booms and scissors. These filters significantly remove carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and exhaust irritants. Ideal for when diesel machines are required to work in confined or indoor applications.


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